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to Camp?

Since the WIP Physics Camps are tuition-free, we require donations and sponsorships to operate! If you are interested in sponsoring the camps with your company or organization, please contact If you wish to donate to the camps as an individual, see instructions below. 

Please note that donations will not impact camp admissions. We cannot exchange camp admissions for donations, nor will camp admission staff have knowledge of the names of donors. 

How to Donate

Dr. Kelly Drake cofounded the WIP Physics Camp in 2003 when she was a graduate student in physics at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Drake sadly passed away in 2012. To honor her memory, the School of Natural Science and Mathematics created the Kelly Drake Memorial Fund to provide continued support for physics camp. 

To make a donation, visit the Natural Science and Mathematics donations website. Under the first section, "Donation Information," select "Other" from the dropdown menu and type "Kelly Drake Memorial Fund." If you have any questions about the donation process, contact Barbara Hollis.